FSP Innovative Wine Bottler : WHAT WE DO ?

Brand development and product creation

Wine is the perfect representation of what transmission of cultural heritage and craftsmanship can bring to life. By harnessing nature potentials with respect, man’s talent has created one of society favorite’s drink and probably the most ritualistic. Wine celebrates life, it goes along with our greater family moments and is the apex of perfect business deals.

The wine industry is involved in all of this. Packaging, and design elements are here to express and enhance all the pleasure that wine can give us around occasions and gastronomy. Wine labels and packaging are the place where wines start telling their stories and where they can inspire customers.

At FSP Wine we believe that in the wine industry, both quality and aesthetics are key components in products development. That’s why our multicultural team of wine enthusiasts is specialized in buildings unique and original brands through wine labels and packaging. Through our European bottling lines and our distributors across the world we are able to develop all sizes of projects involving out-standing design made with high quality components, modern marketing and distribution supports.

As innovative bottler and brand developer with creative values, we are able to tailor any idea or projects to fulfill your requirements. Our company’s aim is to combine two often dissociated activities : production and marketing. We strive to offer the best product mix by following your specifications and design brief while advising you on wine selection and branding creation.

Through brand development, we assist you to build a product identity which will drive your brand position in its market. Brand creation implies a strong attention to every detail and a good understanding of production constraints related to every material. Our capacity to design and coordinate every production ensure you to save time and to obtain a product conforms to requirement while securing the consistency of your brands in its market.

Brand identity and personality are shaped with many visual devices:

  • Wine bottle size and shape
  • Paper dimension and style
  • Wine label design (Symbol of the identity, fonts and logo, relief)
  • Wine capsule development (Quality and design)
  • Sensitive communication
  • Packaging in which products come in
  • Marketing Collateral

Would you like to know more about brand development ?

We would be happy to learn more about your project and give you further information regarding our solutions.

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