Production & wine bottling

Innovative Wine Bottler

Wine bottling is one of the most important stages in the wine-making process as it influences the final product quality. Our professional bottling service comes with continuous production monitoring, during the whole process.


Flexibility & Innovation

Optimized Storage

Logistic Intelligence

Analytical control, filtration, clarification,

We carry out setting adjustments on the wine bottling line (wine temperature, control of wine inputs and wine volume) in order to guarantee the preservation of wine aromas, character and production standards.

Our bottling facilities allow us to simultaneously produce different kinds of wine and most efficiently affix different types of labels on various bottle models.

The computerized sterilization, box pre-forming and packaging techniques enable a high overall productivity, while the automated labelling of lot numbers further allows a complete product traceability.

Our caps and corks benefit from the most appropriate storage areas and environmental conditions, to allow for great quality preservation.

By improving and expanding the surface area our storage facilities as well as setting up lean inventory management, we are able to provide brand new customized wine corks and caps in an optimally short amount of time.

The strategic location of our bottling lines – near the Marseille cargo port – allows us to offer the most competitive freight costs, which translates positively on final product COGS.


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