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FSP Wine is full-service wine brand agency. We are developing brands with high added value that ensure a unique market position. Our experience as wine negotiator and product developer allowed us to get a deep understanding of the wine industry specificities as well as our customers’ needs and expectations.

From the building of a branding strategy to the product development and marketing content, we are paying a special attention to naming, story-telling, design, brand identity and experiences to create distinctive wine brands.


Bottles : Large range of bottle shapes, standard or made out of innovative design


Creation and design of labels


Design and development of tailor made corks


Creation of elegant, customizable capsules

We elaborate and design the packaging, labels, corks and caps which are the main components of the identity of a distinctive wine brand.

We own a large range of classic wine bottles which comes in various colors, volume and shapes. We develop in-house tailor made engraved bottle.

Unlike other design agency we have a genuine experience in the wine industry. We design, print and stick creative labels made with qualitative printing techniques (Gilt, Relief, Varnish).

We designs personalized corks and wine capsules made out a large catalog of corks and capsules quality colors and style.

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You are looking for creating your own wine brand while selecting a wine quality and having it bottled ? We can advise you on the modeling of your project and develop your own private brand.

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